​Exotic game includes Axis Deer, Red Stag, Island Goats, Rams, Fallow Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Water Buffalo and more. All of these exotic animals will put your hunting skills to the test.

Axis Deer bucks on the private ranch we hunt will measure over 30 inches of horn, with gold level trophy bucks not uncommon. Axis Deer are not only considered an outstanding addition to any hunters trophy room, but also revered as the best tasting venison meat.

All of our exotic game can be hunted year round and roam freely on a large private ranch and this is a true hunting experience. With large oak hammocks, swamps, thick palmettos, and deep dark cypress areas, you are sure to have a true hunting experience to remember.


HOG HUNT     1/2 Day Meat Hog Hunt      $295

                      Full Day Meat Hog Hunt     $395

                      Trophy Hog Hunt                $695

​                      Monster Trophy Hog Hunt   $995

​ALLIGATOR HUNT     5' - 6'                $695

                                6'1" - 7'             $895

                                7'1" - 8'             $1,295

                                8'1" - 9'             $1,995

                                9'1" - 9'10"        $2,495

                                9'11" - 10'10"     $2,995

                                10'11" - 11'10"   $4,495

                                11'11" or larger  Contact For Price

AXIS DEER HUNT             $2,900 - $3,500

​FALLOW DEER                 $2,900


​RED STAG                         $3,000 - $5,000

WATER BUFFALO              $2,995 & up - depending on size

WILD ISLAND GOATS         $795 & up

RAMS                               $995 & up

​*** All hunts are priced per person. Prices do not included skinning and quartering charges, or customary 20% gratuity for your guide.


Hog hunting is one of the most popular hunting experiences if Florida. All of our hog hunts are done on a private ranch just east of Sarasota. These hogs are wild and this is a real guided hunting experience - there are no caged, tied up, or released animals on this hunt. 

You can hunt your hog using rifle​, pistol, bow, spear or knife depending on the type of experience you desire. Rental guns are available or you can bring your own.


​Alligator hunting is the ultimate rush. If you are looking for a hunting experience that is absolutely exhilerating, let us guide you on an Alligator hunt of a lifetime. Very few experiences are as exciting as a Florida Alligator hunt.

Alligator hunts are year round and take place on a private ranch loaded with these giant reptiles. ​You can use your choice of bow, rifle, pistol, or alligator harpoon on your hunting adventure. We carry all of the necessary equipment and tags to insure that you harvest one of Florida's living dinosaurs. Alligators never stop growing and the private ranch where we hunt has the size of gator that you are looking for from 4 feet to over 13 feet in length.

Don't waist your time and money hunting alligators anywhere else.

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